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New Menu System Added 21-1-11
Site Overhaul with new graphics 15-2-11
New Switch Roll-overs on Schematic Page and other aesthetics 15-2-11
Tracking Transmitter 15-2-11
Electronic Switch 15-2-11
Ferrite Sleeve Inductor as a Loop Antenna (Media section) by Graham Maynard 15-2-11
Function Generator Updated with Images 15-2-11
Switching and Relays Updated with Multi-Way Switch Contacts 15-2-11
Ron J's Circuit Pages Updated 16-2-11
IR Extender Mark 4 Updated, mod for Interference suppression,special thanks to Sebastiaan Kanters 16-2-11
IR Extender Mark 5 Updated, with alternate photodiode, thanks to VFM in Ukraine 16-2-11
James-Baxandall Passive Tone Control (article update in Analysis sectio) by Ramon Vargars 19-2-11
Basic DC updated (in colour)
Thevenin and Norton updated (in colour) 23-2-11
Thevenin to Norton Conversions (new article) 23-2-11
IR Extender Mark 1 update with Digikey Parts List 27-2-11
Electronic Mousetrap Updated with images from Arturo Dy Buco 2-3-11
Constant Motor Speed Control 4-3-11
Frost Switch PCB created 11-3-11
EMF Probe 2 Circuit Modified and new text and images 31-3-11
Links updated and new current page Indicator (sorry does not work with Internet Explorer). 27-4-11
Variable 37 Volt 30 Amp Supply by Max 4-5-11
RF Probe 4-5-11
Guitar Preamp 4-5-11
Ron J's Website updated 12-5-11
Motor Cycle Alarm No. 7 by Ron J 13-5-11
Sound of Light Circuit 13-5-11
Motor Cycle Alarm No. 8 by Ron J 13-5-11
Small Audio Test Set by Rodney Byne , UK 13-5-11
Colpitts Oscillator Article Update 13-5-11
Estimating Transmitter Distance Article rewrote
BJT Hybrid Model Theory Section 13-5-11
Recovering Data from Memory Sticks Media Section 31-5-11
12 Volt 5 Watt Amplifier by Julius Chen, China 31-5-11
PC Scope Probe by Rodney Byne, UK 31-5-11
SI Units rewrote 8-6-11
Creating Parts List Update 9-6-11
Parts Storage Update with New Template 9-6-11
IR Extender Mark 4A A modified circuit by Steve Jackson, Uk 9-6-11
12 Volt 5 Watt Amplifier Update and new images by Julius Chen, China 9-6-11
MSF Receiver by Rodney Byne, UK 9-6-11
Internet Streaming Recording Aid by Rodney Byne, UK 23-6-11
Pinouts Updated 22-7-11
Small Audio Test Set by Rodney Byne Updated 21-7-11
PC Scope Probe by Rodney Byne Updated 21-7-11
50Hz Calibration Aid by Rodney Byne 26-7-11
Latching Switch 2 30-7-11
Parking Light Switch 30 -7-11
Field Strength Meter for 2.4GHz by John Samin VK1EME, Australia 30-7-11
Safeguarding a Broadband Wireless Router by Rodney Byne 30-7-11
LF Oscillator Updated 11-8-11
Sziklai Configuration added to BJT Configurations 22-8-11
Spice Primer A general Introduction to simulation programs based on Spice2 and Spice3 22-8-11
Creating New Symbols in Circuit Maker 22-8-11
Creating New Spice Models in Circuit Maker 22-8-11
Stereo FM Transmitter 22-8-11
RF Friendly PSU 22-8-11
Wideband RF Millivoltmeter by Rodney Byne 22-8-11
Alternate PCB Layout added for Mk5 Infra Red Extender 23-8-11
EMI Mains Filter by Rodney Byne 18-10-11
Links Page Updated 24-12-11
Ron J's Pages Updated 24-12-11
Audio Preamplifier 28-1-12
25 Watt Amplifier by Julius Horfilla, Philippines
Under Voltage Circuit 28-1-12
New Links added 3-2-12
Hybrid Transistor Model updated 5-3-12
Transmitter Distance updated (diagrams in colour) 5-3-12
Unregulated Power Supply Design Article rewrote 5-3-12
Solar Battery Charger 6-3-12
Loudness Control 6-3-12
Internal Timer No. 8 by Ron J 6-3-12
Designing Stripboard Layouts with Inkscape by Ron J 6-3-12
An Interview with Me by EEweb Media Section under Electronic Articles 7-3-12
Ron J's Circuit Pages Updated 7-3-12
Quiz Circuit Modification to Drive Higher Current Loads 12-3-12
Wart Zapper by Thomas Scarborough. New PCB and simulation added. 30-3-12
Sound Level Meter 9-4-12
Guitar Preamp with Tone Controls 9-4-12
TV Transmitter Page Updated by David Celestin, Ghana 20-4-12
25 Watt Amplifier Circuit Redrawn by Julius Horfilla, Philippines 20-4-12
AM Receiver Simulation included 21-4-12
Glossary of Terms added to Media Section 30-6-12
Build a better PC new article in Media Section 30-6-12
Using Electret Condenser Microphones Page Updates 31-8-12
Adjustable Constant Current Load External Link to Paulo Renato's Site 15-11-12
12V 30Amp Power Supply new construction pictures from Aamer Reza, Pakistan 15-11-12
PWM Motor Controller 15-11-12
VOX Circuit by Fred Maher, Madrid, Spain 15-11-12
Constant Current Load external link to Jeff K Steinkamp's site 15-11-12
MiniWhip An active antenna for VLF to Shortwave by Roelof Bakker PA0RDT 15-11-12
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New Schematic Category Microcontroller Circuits 24-4-13
Running Lights with Up Down Counter by Milardo de Guzman, Philippines 25-4-13
RC Phase Shift Oscillators by Ramon Vargas PDF Format 21 Nov 2013
Fan Controller by Tony Van Roon 21 Nov 2013
Audio Bargraph Display 21 Nov 2013
Diagnosing Faulty Capacitors (Practical Section) 21 Nov 2013
LM317 Tester by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 26-8-14
Battery Status Indicator by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 26-8-14
Automotive Signal Flasher with Lamp Output Detection by Abu-Hafss , Pakistan 26-8-14
Energy Saving Soldering Station by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 27-8-14
Book Review "How to Really Do Something with 6 Components or Less" by Thomas Scarborough 29-8-14
In Memory of Graham Maynard 16 December 2014
Inductance Meter by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 27-12-14
GSM Portable Alarm using Nokia and Pic 16F88 external link by Joseph Smit 27-12-14
Pic 16F628 based Counter Counter external link to Eamon Skelton web site 27-12-14
New Style Log 21-11-15
TDA2822 Modified Input Circuit by Rodney Byne 21-11-15
Dual Motor Controller by George Quirk, Albuquerque 21-11-15
Car Interfior Light Fader by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 21-11-15
555 Toggle Switch by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 21-11-15
Infra Red Extender Mark 5A by Dan Christensen, Ontario 21-11-15
Inductive Charger external link to David's DIY Electronics
SW Regenerative Receiver by Ramon Vargas, Peru 21-11-15
Design of A Regenerative Receiver for Short Wave Part 1 by Ramon Vargas (Design Section)
Design of A Regenerative Receiver for Short Wave Part 2 by Ramon Vargas (Design Section)
Ron J's Circuit Pages Updated 21-11-15
CDI Tester by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 27-11-15
Regulator-Rectifier Tester by Abu-Hafss, Pakistan 27-11-15
Solid State Motor Controller 30-1-16
Motor Torque Controller 30-1-16
Analogue and Digital Multimeters 30-1-16
Computing RF Choke Effects in the Loop Gain of an Armstrong SW Regenerative Receiver by Ramon Vargas (Theory Section) 30-1-16
Stereo Cross Feed Network for Headphones by Peter Lehmann (Design Section) 30-1-16
Ron J's Circuit Pages Updated 29-7-16
7 Waveform Generator by Rodney Byne 26-11-16
Dual PSU and 50Hz Calibrator by Rodney Byne (Circuit updated with new notes and photos 21-12-16
Where to buy components 9-12-17
FET Amplifiers FET Amplifiers, Design Section 11-12-17
AC Theory Start your lesson on AC Theory here 11-12-17
5 Tips to Maximise the Life of your SSD by Alex Gomez, USA 11-12-17
Alternate Power Supplies for your Raspberry Pi 11-12-17
Wideband Noise Generator 16-12-17
HiFi Preamplifier16-12-17
12 Volt 30 Amp PSU Updated 23-12-17
DC Simulation with LTspice 24-1-18
Two Wireless Alarms 25-1-18
AC Voltmeter 14-2-18
DC Voltmeter 14-2-18
Lie Detector Circuit 20-3-18
Touch Switch 21-12-2019
Germanium Transistor Crystal Receiver 21-12-2019
Updated Circuit and Pictures for Germanium Transistor Crystal Receiver 24-3-2020
BJT Re Model (Theory Section) 24-3-2020
AM Transmitter Circuit Correction C4 in wrong place 20-5-20
RF Millivoltmeter by Rodney Byne, Page Update and new links 22-6-20
Audio Gallery Updated 22-6-20
Making PCB's New Article on making PCB's in the Practical Section. It is now cheaper to buy online with PCBWay than make your own. 22-6-20
PIC 12F683 IR Extender by Tom Borremans, Belgium. 22-6-20
TP Link TD-W9970 Router Review (Media Section) 11-7-20
Multi Frequency AM Transmitter 11-7-20
ACE Vinyl Preamp Page Updated with Construction Pictures of Project built by Eric from Leicester, UK 11-7-20
2 Chanel Opto-Isolated Relay Module 11-7-20
AC Theory Page Update with Phase and RC Circuit and new Menu 1-8-20
LTspice Transient Analysis 1-8-20
FET Configurations 9-10-20
Absorption Wavemeter Circuit 10-10-20
Halloween Theme on homepage 29-10-20
Halloween Wallpaper Used on Homepage 29-10-31
Hi Gain Pre-amplifier 30-10-20
4 Way Equalizer Circuit by Roberto Grilli, Italy 7-11-20
Kicad Page Updated and Broken Links fixed 23-12-20
An Interview with Ramon Vargas details and pictures of Inictel Uni (Media Sections) 16-10-21
Hybrid Regenerative AM BCB Receiver A new hybrid receiver from Ramon Vargas 16-10-21
Anti Nuisance Doorbell This novel circuit prevents unwanted ringing by Tony Blakemoor 16-10-21
PCB Prototypes New article on PCB Prototypes in the Practical Section 21-12-21
5 Zone Alarm Error in Schematic corrected. ( LED's 1 -5 reversed Thanks to Scott Boeff for highlighting this.) 6-1-22
Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit Number 37 is an External link to Hackatronic
Telephone Monitor Circuit This circuit can automatically record a phone call by Tony Blakemoor 12-2-22
SI Units System International Unit Page updated.25-4-22
Electronic Water Softener 26-4-22
New Domain, site address now https://www.cxi1.co.uk/
All schematic pages reference to old zen22142.zen.co.uk Removed 28-5-22
Internet Connection Types If you're think of changing broadband then a real contender is mobile 4G or 5GLTE 21-6-22
High Impedance Bench Amplifier Need to buffer or monitor a high impedance signal ? 21-6-22
Helping Hands Very useful addition for construction work, this article in Practical Section 21-6-22
Logic Glitch Detecor Can detect logic or power supply glitches on circuits or for Arduino, Orange Pi, etc. Added to Microcontroller Circuits 21-6-22
First attempt to make this site Mobile Friendly 20-8-22
Reading Schematics Page updated with IC information 20-8-22
4G Broadband A review of 4G Broadband and the ZTE 286D Router in Media Section 12-12-22