How to Really Do Something
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HOW TO Really Do Something WITH SIX COMPONENTS or less

Book Review by Andy Collinson

Since 1990, Reverend Thomas Scarborough popularity has grown as a circuit designer and his name is now ubiquitous in the electronics world. Some of his early designs were featured in a UK magazine called Everyday Practical Electronics on the Ingenuity Unlimited page. This page contained small circuits contributed by readers across the globe and inspired many hobbyists to start dabbling in electronics. Thomas has also written for Silicon Chip, Elektor, Nuts & Volts, Popular Mechanics and Electronics World.

Thomas has also produced full length constructional articles for the same magazine and some of his articles are listed on my Interview page with Thomas, click this link: Interview with Thomas Scarborough

Thomas has now authored a publication called "How to Really Do Something With Six Components or less." I am very pleased to write a review of this book, which contains a collection of more than 150 electronic projects. This book is available in paperback or in download format (PDF).

The book contains seven chapters, together with abbreviations, circuits symbols, the resistor colour code and basic formula, all packed into 195 pages. It is surprising just what you can make with six components, and some of the circuits can be used together to build more complex projects.

The artwork is meticulous and all schematics are drawn with labelled components, a description of the circuit and construction work. Thomas is also a very inspiring and enthusiastic writer. He writes in a way that draws your attention to the circuit and gives other uses for the same circuit.. For example, in one project Thomas describes an ingenious super vibration switch, and then outlines how this can also be used as a Bicycle Alarm, a Portable Item Alarm, and even an Earthquake Alarm.

The book is divided into 7 chapters:- Audio Circuits, Visual Circuits, Detector Circuits, Security Circuits, Novelty Circuits, Special Circuits and Essential Circuits. All in all this book contains 155 circuits and all using just 6 or less components. Many of these circuits can be combined into a larger project. The paperback is also quite cheap, and costs even less for a download edition. This book is highly recommended and excellent value for money.

Finally, I would like to thank Thomas personally for sending me a sample copy to review.

List of Circuits by Thomas Scarborough

Below is also a list of circuits that Thomas has contributed to Circuit Exchange International:-
Conjuring Trick
LED Torch
Beat Balance Metal Detector
Wart Zapper
Gate Alarm
Radio Wave Alarm
Neon Desklamp
Milligaus Meter

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