Updates 2001-2002
Archive Updates 2001-2002
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AM Transmitter Circuit 4-8-01
New Timing Circuit Section Added 4-8-01
555 Monostable 4-8-01
IR Extender Circuit Updated with IC pinout and new fault finding text.11-8-01
Buzzer Circuit by Tom 13-8-01
6 x 6 Loop Antenna A new 6 foot loop antenna by Graham Maynard
Radio Wave Alarm by Rev Thomas Scarborough 21-10-01
2 Transistor Transmitter from Rob van der Weijden 21-10-01
5 to 30 minute timer circuit 25-10-01
Simple UPS 27-10-01
Designing Unregulated Power Supplies (first article for a long time) 27-10-01
Dark Activated Switch Updated 1-11-01
Links page updated 3-12-01
Download page updated 3-12-01
Enhanced Alarm Keypad by Ron J 3-12-01
15 Watt amplifier circuit by Sergio Garcia 3-12-01
IC pinouts added to Practical section 5-12-01
IR Extender Circuit Mark II 5-12-01
4 Digit Keypad by Ron J 9-12-01
12V 30A PSU page updated 7-1-02
Milligauss Meter by Rev. Thomas Scarborough 8-1-02
Home Page updated (There is nothing wrong with your sound card the midi has been removed) 8-1-02
Over Voltage Protection Circuit for LM317 by Adam 8-1-02
FM Receiver Using MPF102 by Patrick Cambre 8-1-02
Alarm PSU by Ron J 8-1-02
Infra Red Swich 8-1-02
Links Updated 16-1-02
French Intro page kindly translated by Olivier Decelle 9-2-02
IR Extender MK1 updated . Special thanks to Domenico for drafting the PCB 9-2-02
Combinational Conjuring Trick by Rev Thomas Scarborough 11-2-02
Mk2 IR extender updated with a PCB kindly drafted by Domenico
Motorcycle Alarm from Ron J 11-2-02
Links Updated 11-2-02
Credit list updated 23-2-02
Switch and Relay Contact Designation added to Practical Section 23-2-02
DC Motor Reversing Circuit 25-2-02
Water Level Alarm 25-2-02
Audio VU Meter by Matthew Hewson 8-3-02
Sound Effects Generator 9-3-02
Cable Tester 12-3-02
Water Activated Relay by Marin Lukas 12-3-02
Soft Switching Amplifier with Tone Controls 18-3-02
Sound Effects Generator 2 18-3-02
Connection Tester 19-3-02
Metal Detector 19-3-02
Sine Wave Generator 20-3-02
SW RF amplifier 20-3-02
Electronic Siren 21-3-02
High Quality Intercom 21-3-02
Doorbell for the Deaf 22-3-02
Audio Level Meter 22-03-02
ZN414 / MK484 Receiver Page updated 25-2-02
Model Rocket Launch Controller 18-5-02
Band 2 VHF Amplifier 18-5-02
IR Link by Ron J 20-7-02
Bipolar Regenerative Receiver by Ramon vargas 3-10-02
Single Zone alarm by Ron J 3-10-02
Transformerless Power Supply Updated text by Ron J 3-10-02
IR extender Mark 2 circuit text updated 24-10-02
Help Page Updated 29-10-02
Dynamic Microphone Preamplifierr 29-10-02
Doorbell with Counter updated 31-10-02
Links page updated 31-10-02
Bipolar Regenerative Receiver by Ramon vargas update 16-12-02