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Audio Electronic Sites
Audio Amplifier and Test Equipment Multi Language
Class A amplifier design
Service Data This web site can supply PDF service sheets and circuit diagrams of any vintage radio, record player, radiogram, etc.

Basic Electronics
555 Timer Circuits - All the electronics info you need to know about the 555 Timer. With over 80 circuits.
Electronic Circuits for Beginners Zaakid Mata's blogspot
Learning Electronics

Component Suppliers
United Kingdom
Blue Bell Audio Mostly valve related components. Suppliers of high grade audio quality capacitors, resistors, etc.
Bobs Bitbox good choice of components and tools
Bowood Electronics Has an easy to use online component index
ESR Electronics Good choice of quality components
Farnell UK General electronic component supplier
Harrison Electronics Friendly service and a good choice of components
Jabdog Stockists of many parts including RF and wound components
Rapid Online General electronic component supplier and good for education products.
Elfa This Swedish company can supply CMOS 4026 and has a multi-lingual web site!
United States
4 Star Electronics Obsolete Semiconductors and Electronic Component Supplier.
All Large range of parts
DIP Micro Electronics
Electronix Express U.S. Component supplier
Mouser Electronics
Raychem Circuit Protection
Circuit Protection & Resettable Fuses
Electronic Components & IC's from Hong Kong can supply components worldwide.
Kitsrus Kits and parts from Hong Kong
Elecsound Electronics Component Manufacturer from China
ENK China

Datasheets This site contains information on many components
Free Datasheets An extensive collection of free datasheets
IC datasheets Large collection of datashhets from

Electronic Sites
Bob Junior Electrical Engineering, Programming and Internet Bit
Circuit Archive Circuits in the University of Washington Archive
Circuit Diagram A website for hobbyists, students and and anyone with interest in Electronics Đorđe Mijailović site (English)
Circuit Hut Circuit Hut is an online magazine. It contains interesting projects to build, tutorials and articles.
Circuits Online Sorry, Dutch language only
Circuit-Fantasia Circuit Fantasia Interactive multimedia resources on basic analogue electronics
Circuits Tune
delabs Technologies An online EE Resource centered around Electronics Engineering Technologies. The Focus is on Product Design, Instrumentation and Automation.
Discover Circuits 28k+ Circuits cross referenced into 500+ categories!
DIY Electronic Projects Many projects in Czech and English
Duda Electronica Spanish only Shahab's Site (Persian Language) has some electronic projects and Atmega Microcontroller Projects
Electroinvention A site to Learn , Create and Innovate electronics
Electronics Circuit Electronic circuit and Schematics Diagram Resource for Beginner to Advanced
Electronics Circuit Design
Electronics Club Projects, theory and tutorials
Electronics DIY Schematics, transmitter circuits and tutorials
Electronics Forum
Electronics for Kids Basic Introduction to Electronics for Kids
Electronics Lab An Excellent site by Mike Papadimitriou
Electronics Zone Naveen's site has lots of schematics Manel's electric site (Spanish only)
Electroniq Net A new site with schematics and tutorials in English and Roumanium
Engineering Electronic Projects Engineering electronic projects, circuits schematics and free final year projects
Electro-Tech -Online Electronics, electronic circuits, electronic plans, electronic diagrams, electronics forums and more.
ePanorama Tomi Engdahl's web site
Extreme Circuits Izhar Fareed's well presented and lots of projects
FC's Electronic Circuits This site by Forrest Cook has plenty to offer contains access to over 400 circuits!
Guide Circuits website A large Electronic circuit resource
Hackatronic Learn Electronics Hacks, Concepts and Coding
Handy Dandy Little Circuits Laurier Gendron's site
Model Radio Control Circuits
Red Rok's Electronic Projects
RSM Online Some nice Serial Projects and work in Kicad (Portuguese Only)
Sam's Electronic Circuits Multi Language site
Science Lobby Schematics, Tutorials, Projects and more
Schematic Magazine Nice site with schematics and computer simulation.
Schakelingenonline Schematics online in Dutch.
Talking Electronics Charles Wenzel's web site
Ted's Electronic and Hobbyist Site
Tony van Roon's Electronic Circuits A fine collection of circuits with neat graphics
Lazar's Power Electronics
Vintage Popular Electronics

Electronics & Computing
Peter Hayles Site Contains a nice Nicad charger utilizing a PIC
Small Home Controller by Peter Addante
Tutorial Microcontroller MCS-51 Family AT89Sxxx Microcontroller Tutorials, Basic, Project, and Electronics Kits Resources for Students, Amateur and Professionals.

Electronics Kits
Sir-Kit Electronics Affordable kits for pupils studying Electronics
Quasar Electronics UK based electronic kit supplier
Hobbytron Store Has some very interesting kits for sale
Electronic Kits The name says it all
ElectronicsUSA for kits and gadgets
Apogee Electronic Kits

Electronics Forums
Electrical Engineering Community This site has discussion forums and a great source of information.
Everyday Electronics Online Magazine

Engineers Tribune A great resource for electronic and engineering online.
PEI-Genesis Custom engineered connector and cable solutions.

Free (Open Source) Electronics Programs
TinyCAD is a totally free drafting program by MattPyne
FreePCB A PCB designer for windows by Allan Wright

PCB & Veroboard Design
Well PCB Well PCB provide manufacturing and PCB assembley
PCB Design Software Tools Link to an article by PCB Well
PCB Way PCB Way offers PCB manufacture, assembly and boards up to 14 layers.
Everything PCB The name says it all
FinishLine PDS This company does PCB Layout, and more.
Express PCB A link to their PCB drafting program.
PCB123 This site contains a free PCB program from which the output may be emailed and built directly by PCB123.
PCB Express PCB prototype stencils, motherboards, Printed Circuit boards.
PCB Prototype High quality PCB prototypes and PCB fabrication at very low prices.
Veecad an editor for Veroboard and Stripboard

Radio Circuits
AllAmericanFiveRadio Rick's YouTube Channel, well presented and has useful and educational videos
Beacon World A site full of useful information
NDB Non Direction Beacons Robert Connolly's useful beacon site
Borina Amaterska Svastara Dr. Borivoje's Site (Non- English)
Harry's Homebrew
JF10ZLMr Kazuhiro Sunamura's site has many unique circuits!
Linux Digital Lab Home Brew by BR1RBG
MRX Morse Code John Samin's site brings Morse Code into the 21st Century
Official Pirate Radio Transmitter Kits Interesting site featuring Transmitters
Crystal Radio Homeage of Crystal Radio Sets with some nice projects
Patrick Cambre's site via Somerset ARC
Radio Amateur Online Ian Poole's personnel web site
RamonVargas.comContains Radio Schematics and Design
RF Circuit Analysis Program by Bob Stanton
Signal Surfer DX Club
SWL HomeBuilder Amateur and Short Wave Radio Electronics Experimenter's Web Site
Tomi Engdahl's Radio Pages
Guide to Shortwave Radio

Radio Clubs
G QRP Club Low Power Amateur Radio Club
British DX Club UK based LW,MW,SW and VHF listening club
The Medium Wave Circle UK based MW Radio Club
WWW Listening Guide

Satcure UK
Satellite Valley Loukianos Angelides satellite site in Greece

Simulation Programs
Circuit Maker Analogue and digital simulations and more.
TINA A complete electronic lab on your PC
RF Circuit Analysis Program by Bob Stanton
CIRSIM Peter Montgomery's site
AKNM Circuit Magic by Andrey Kononov
PowerEsim Free SMPS design tool and calculator

SPICE Related
The Spice Page
Designsoft Forum The official TINA forum
NL5 Circuit Simulator
YouSpice - SPICE simulation community for electronic design and simulation

Electronics Repair

Science and Engineering
Science Toys you can make

Test Equipment
Teknet Electronics Test Equipment- used and refurbished

Electronics Teacher Electronics Tutorials and Robotics Guide
Electronic Tutorials Possibly the best tutorial site on the Internet
Electronic Tutorials at Hobby, a resource for Hobbyist, Engineers, contains schematics, tutorials and Microcontroller Based Projects.

Wireless and Wifi
Wireless Charging Wireless and Inductive Chargers Explained

Other (Non Circuit but Interesting Websites)
SETV Search for Extra-Terrestrial Visitation
Maxima Online Maxima is an Opensource Computer Algebra System. It works on Linux, MacOSX and Windows. This link is to the online version.

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