Creating New symbols
Creating New symbols
Circuit Maker is very flexible when it comes to creating new symbols, macros and components. Here is a small tutorial on creating new symbols The macro menu is used to create new symbols or components. A symbol can contain part of a working circuit or contain spice elements to create a new component.

Start Maker and select New macro. For this example I'll create a new centre zero meter. The symbol name is entered, I used metercz (screenshot below).

Click OK and the symbol editor will display. For alignment purposes it is best to tick the box show grid and increase the zoom (screenshot below).

Now to start the symbol. The "Elements Type" menu contains the shapes, line, circle, rectangle, etc, that the component will be made from. Select circle from elements menu and draw a circle

The symbol name will appear. This can be moved using select from the element buffer or by unticking the symbol box will not be displayed. Next we'll add a connection pin, from the dropdown selection box in the element buffer. Pins can have both names and designations. As this component is for schematic purposes only, the boxes for show pin names and numbers are unchecked (screenshot below).

Now we'll complete the symbol. You can draw in 8 different colours. I selected magenta then added three lines to make the pointer (screenshot below). If you make a mistake, click the highlighted line, it will turn red, then press delete in the element list.

Clicking ok displays the new symbol (screenshot below).

Next we'll save the new symbol. Use the Macro menu, save macro, a confirmation box will appear asking for a Major Class name (screenshot below).

You could enter a new Major Class name "Instruments" or "Meters". However as I have previously created a meter I am going to leave this macro in the User Defined category. There is also a Minor Class category followed by the unique macro name, in this case "metercz". Click save macro and the component is created. (Screenshot below).

Using Your New symbols
To use your new symbol, start circuit maker and press key "x" this brings up the component selection. Scroll down to User Defined, and under Macros in alphabetical order is your new centre zero meter. Click "Place" and the component will be added to your current schematic (Screenshot below.)

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