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Archive Updates 2003-2004
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Archive 2001-2002

Triac Light Controller by Matthew Hewson 4-1-03
Modulation Detector for IR Remote Controls 7-1-03
Drawing Veroboard Layouts by Ron J 10-1-03
A 13.8V 20A PSU by Bob from Croatia 14-1-03
Output Adjustable Flyback Converter by Simon Oh 14-1-03
Remote Control Extender Mk 3 by Daniel Pozzi 20-1-03
Remote Control Extender Mk 4 20-103
Which Remote Control Extender do I use ? 20-1-03
Laser Communication System by Marin Lukas 20-1-03
A 13.8V 20A PSU PCB added to Bob's Circuit in PDF format 7-2-03
Remote Control Extender Mk 4 compatible handset list updated 7-2-03
R5000 Receiver Interface 3-3-03
9 Volt 2 Amp PSU 4-3-03
IR Link by Milan Markovic 4-3-03
Periodic Timer 4-3-03
Help Page updated 24-5-03
CMOS Single Zone Alarm by Ron J 24-5-03
Decimal to BCD Convertor by Ron J 24-5-03
Current Limiting Power Supply by Ron J 5-8-03
Asymmetric Timer 5-8-03
Variable Power Supply Correction to Diagram Pins 2 and 5 reversed 5-8-03
Logic PSU with Over Voltage Protection Updated text and circuit 8-8-03
Audio Indicator 13-8-03
Headphone Amplifier 18-8-03
ECM amplifier Updated Schematic 18-3-03
Radar Detector External Link to Cyber Circuits
Help Page Updated 17-9-03
Crystal Controlled Oscillator by Ramon Vargas 18-9-09
24 Hour Timer by Ron J 18-9-03
Switch Debouncer Diagram corrected 20-9-03
Crystal Controlled Oscillator by Ramon Vargas Updated with Pics 18-10-09
Links Page Updated 11-11-03
Help Page Updated 21-11-03
Negative Voltage Load Switch by Nicholas Choong 22-11-03
Short Wave Regenerative Receiver by Ramon Vargas 22-11-03
A Collection of Mini-Alarms by Ron J 22-11-03
Warning: New IC's added to the Pinouts Page 1-12-03
Cable Tester Page update with IC Pinout 2-12-03
Using ECM Mic Inserts 3-12-03
Crystal Test Circuits 3-12-03
IR Extender Mk 4 More compatible handsets listed 5-12-03
DC Theory Updated 21-2-04
5 Zone Alarm Text Updated 27-2-04
Car Alarm and Immobilizer by Ron J 27-3-04
Updated disliamer 7-4-04
How to Create a Parts List (Practical Section)12-4-04
Updated help page 12-4-04
Dealing with Spam 12-4-04
Bench Amplifier 12-4-04
HiJack Alarm by Ron J 12-4-04
Hi Quality Intercom update with PCB by Corey Rametta 12-4-04
IR Extender Mk3 Update now includes PCB from Claudio Apicella 21-3-04
Credits page updated 21-3-04
Hot Water Indicator updated 22-4-04
IR switch Updated 22-4-04
Cold Switch Updated 24-4-04
Signal Injector and Tracer 5-5-04
Snore Alarm 5-5-04
From Schematic to Veroboard - How to build your design from the circuit. 5-5-04
Wien Bridge Oscillator (Design Section) by Ramon Vargas 20-8-04
Beat Balance Metal Detector by Rev. Thomas Scarborough 20-8-04
Coil Coupled Operation Metal Detector by Rev Thomas Scarborough 20-8-04
Help Page Updated 8-11-04
Analysis Page Given a New look 8-11-04
Q Multiplication in the Wien Bridge Oscillator by Ramon Vargas 8-11-04
Baxandall Tone Control Circuit by Ramon Vargas 8-11-04
Motorcycle Alarm 2 by Ron J 8-11-04
Motorcycle Alarm 3 by Ron J 8-11-04
Monitor Splitter by Miroslav Adzic 8-11-04
Supply Voltage Indicator by Miroslav Adzic 8-11-04
Infra Red Remote Extender Mark 5 8-11-04
Infra Red Remote Extender Mark 1 modified with Mk 1A version 8-11-04
Which Remote Control Extender ? Page Updated 8-11-04
LED Torch by Andre 8-11-04
LED Flasher by Andre 8-11-04
Radio Calculations by Harry Lythall external link added to theory secion 8-11-04
Op-Amp Tutorial by Tony Van Roon external link added to Design section 8-11-04
555 Timer Tutorial by Tony Van roon external link added to Design section 8-11-04
Heat Sinks for Transistors external link to Kelsey Park School added to Theory section 8-11-04
Circuit Index Updated 12-11-04
Help Page Updated 17-11-04
New Circuit Exchange Viewer Gallery 24-11-04
Pulse Generator by Miroslav Adzic 24-11-04
Small Variable power Supply by Miroslav Adzic 24-11-04
Voltage Controlled Switch by Miroslav Adzic 24-11-04
Telephone In-Use Indicator by Miroslav Adzic 24-11-04
Privacy Circuit by Miroslav Adzic 24-11-04
Soft Start Power Supply Circuits by Miroslav Adzic 24-11-04
Parts Storage & Label Template 24-11-04
FM Transmitter by David Celestin 23-12-04