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Archive Updates 2005-2006
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IR Extender using PIC external link to Pete's World 10-2-05
Xenon Strobe External Link to Robert Dvoracek's Site 10-2-05
Universal Power Supply by Volker Jeschkeit 10-2-05
Interview with Rev. Thomas Scarborough (Media section) 10-2-05
Automatic Repeater by Miroslav Adzic 11-2-05
Diode Charge Pump AM-FM Demodulators by Ramon Vargas (Theory Section) 11-2-05
New! Article Index A-Z reference of all articles of all areas on this site 11-2-05
MK484 Complete Receiver by Chad Castagana 21-6-05
Add On Current Limiter by Ron J 22-6-05
24 Second Shot Clock by Milardo de Guzman 23-6-05
Camera Switcher by Milardo de Guzman 23-6-05
Motorcycle Alarm 4 by Ron J 23-6-05
Motorcycle Alarms 5 & 6 by Ron J 23-6-05
Transistor Configurations Updated 28-6-05
Negative Feedback in Amplifiers by Lazar Pancic Updated 28-6-05
Transistor Configurations 2 21-7-05
Ignition Coil Driver by Robert Dvoracek 25-7-05 (External Link)
Electric Curtains 25-7-05
TV Transmitter by David Celestin 25-7-05
1.3V Power source 25-7-05
Mk5 IR Extender page updated with vero layout fault finding and veroboard layout. 12-8-05
Variable PSU by David Celestin 22-8-05
LED flasher by Evin Devore 23-8-05
Low Voltage Preamp 25-8-05
Fast Electronic Fuse by Miroslav Adzic 25-8-05
AM Modulator in the Spice Simulation Area 26-8-05
Class A//A-b Amplifier - a Class A/AB 100W by Graham Maynard 26-8-05
Remote Doorbell Switch page update 27-8-05
Passive Ethernet Hub by Miroslav Adzic 15-12-05
Oscillations and Regenerative Amplification using Negative ResistaWarning:nce Devicesby Ramon Vargas 15-12-05
Automatic Intruder Alarm by Ron J 15-12-05
Wart Zapper by Rev Thomas Scarborough 31-12-05
Doorphone Intercom page updated 27-2-06
RF Image Section updated 28-2-06
David Celestin's RF Amplifier added to RF Image Section 2-3-06
Vinyl Amplifier by Graham Maynard 2-3-06
Repeating Interval Timer by Ron J 2-3-06
Updated Disclaimer 2-3-06
Universal 4 Keypad Switch by Ron J 2-3-06
Motor Reversing Circuit schematic correction by Christian Sanchez 7-3-06
IR Extender Mk 5 updated with more fault finding tips and compatible handsets 8-3-06
AM Receiver page updated 20-6-06
Buffer Amplifier by Graham Maynard 23-6-06
Keypad Operated Switch No.2 by Ron J 23-6-06
Electronic Door Release by Ron J 23-6-06
Op-Amp Microphone Preamp 23-6-06
Hijack Alarm page updated and a new circuit by Ron J 23-6-06
Shed / Garage Alarm by Ron J 23-6-06
Gem Amplifier by Graham Maynard 23-6-06
2 Watt Amplifier page update 26-6-06
Medium Wave Active Antenna Schematic redrawn 26-6-06
Tone Control Circuit page updated 26-6-06
Universal Buffer Photograph Added 9-8-06
Gem Amplifier Updated text and 200W Schematic by Graham Maynard 9-8-06
An SCR Based Burglar Alarm by Ron J 11-11-06
Voltage Comaparator and Q Multiplier make a stable Sine Wave Oscillator (in PDF format) by Ramon Vargas 11-11-06
The Modern Armstrong Regenerative Receiver by Ramon Vargas 11-11-06