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A Transistor Based Burglar Alarm by Ron J 20-3-07
New Links added 21-3-07
Broken Links fixed in Miscelleaneous Circuits 21-3-07
Mark 1/1A update with a picture of a finished version by Nick (UK)Warning:
PCB for Mark 5 IR Extender kindly made by Lubo Veselsky 21-3-07
Analysis and Aplications of the Capacitive Transformer (PDF Format) by Ramon Vargas 21-3-07
150W MP3 Car Audio Amplifier by Youssef Bouterfes 21-3-07
Infra Red TV Extender by Guy Bocquillon 21-3-07
Credit Page Updated 27-3-07
Interval Timer 2 by Ron J 20-7-07
Adjustable Power Supply with Charger by Milardo de Guzman 21-07-07
Computer Output Interface 21-7-07
The Best of Thomas Scarborough Book 1 is a PDF book containing circuits made from 6 components or less. Thomas has kindly made book 1 available to everyone as a free download. Available in the Practical Section
How to Create the Best Image in Circuit Maker by Youssef Bouterfes (in the CM Simulation Section). 26-7-07
24 Watt Class A Amplifier by Marc Klynhans 27-7-07
Some corrections and broken links fixed 4-1-08
One Time Only Alarm by Ron J 7-1-08
Battery Powered One Time Alarm by Ron J 7-1-08
Telephone In Use Indicator corrupted page restored 2-4-08
Led Flasher Corrupted page restored 2-4-08
Room Monitor 10-4-08
CMOS 4060 Alarm by Ron J 11-4-08
MK5 Infra Red Repeater modification by Allan Popplewell 11-4-08
Static Detector Circuit page updated 12-4-08
Links page Updated 14-4-08
Using ECM's page updated 14-4-08
Function Generator Updated 20-4-08
Circuit Index Updated 26-04-08
New Links added 10-5-08
Audio Security Monitor 26-6-08
Hijack Alarm 3 by Ron J 26-6-08
30 Watt VHF Amplifier by David Celestin 26-6-08
Three Flashing LED Doorbells by Ron J 26-6-08
ECM Mic-Preamp Page Updated 2-7-08
6 Zone Alarm with Display 25-9-08
Media Page extended and updated 29-9-08
Temperature Monitor Updated 29-9-08
Schmitt Trigger Circuit 14-10-08
Circuit Index Updated 14-10-08
Article Index Updated 14-10-08
Antenna Tuning Unit 14-10-08
Sensitive DX TRF Receiver external link (Circuit 32) to Husnu Kokturk's web site 14-10-08
Correction to L200 PSU (pins 2 and 5 reversed) and datasheet added 27-10-08
Links Page Updated 1-11-08
BJT Bias Circuits Updated 2-11-08
Boosting Regulator Current Updated 3-11-08
1 hour timer circuit 23-12-08
49MHz Wlakie Talkie Circuit external link 23-12-08