Adjustable Power Supply
With Charger Output

Circuit :  Milardo de Guzman, Philippines
Email :

adjustable power supply with charger output schematic Notes
This power supply has adjustable and charger output. The charger circuit can be use for cellular phone. The adjustable output serves as multipurpose power supply. It can handle a 1 ampere current. The 317 must have a heat sink.

PCB Layout
Parts List
LM 317 - 1pc
LED - 1pc
1N 4001 - 8pcs

25V/470uF - 1pc
25V/10 uF - 1pc

1k, 1/2W - 1pc
220R, 1/2W - 1pc
5kR Potentiometer - 1pc

1Ampere, Multi-tap Transformer - 1pc
AC Chord - 1pc
Casing - 1pc
#22 Stranded Wire - 3m
Heatsink for TO220

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