LT Spice
LTspice IV and LTspice XVII
LT Spice IV is a free spice 3 based simulator from Linear Technology. Originally called Switchercad this simulator was used in analysing switched mode power supplies, but has the ability to work with transistors, FET's and IC's and has become an invaluable tool for circuit simulation and schematic drafting. More recently LTspice has been upgraded to version 17, XVII in Roman numerals. The new version is compiled as a 64 bit version and may run faster although some users have reported problems. The good news is that circuits wrote on version IV are compatible with the new version.

To get a copy, visit Linear Technologies web site. The program can be run under both windows and Linux. For Linux just make sure you have "Wine" installed, most modern Linux distributions include wine on their software repositories.

LTspice Group The LTspice group is now hosted on Originally this was hosted on yahoo groups and is a great place to go for help. In addition to the forums, the files section contains new models and downloadable circuits.

LTspice User ManualA comprehensive user manual (in pdf format).

LTWiki Contains many helpful topics relating to LTspice.

LTspice Getting Started Guide. A very informative getting started guide by Linear Technologies.

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Installation with Linux

Adding New Components

Creating New Symbols

DC Simulation

Transient Analysis for AC and DC Circuits

Creating New spice models

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