Tina Tutorials
TINA stands for Toolkit for Interactive Network Analysis. It is made by Designsoft The latest version is the Tina Design Suite, although I am using version 5.5, some of these tutorials will probably work with the latest version. Tina is a spice31 based simulator. It includes schematic capture, many simulation modes and some interactive tools. It has a comprehensive list of semiconductors and integrated circuits and can also do analog, digital and mixed mode simulation. Please note that the views expressed on this site are the webmasters views, and not those of Designsoft. Also please read the disclaimer. This section will include tutorials for TINA users; if you have any comments or suggestions, then please email me.

Solving Simulation Errors

Measuring Impedance

TINA Download Area

Distortion Measuring

Differential Amplifier

TINA Mailing List
This is Melvin Stevens email based interface for TINA users. Click on the link to subscribe: TINA mailing List
For help or information about his mailing list send an email with the word "help" in the subject line to the following address: tinapro-request@signup.dqbbs.com

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