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This launch controller can be used with low voltage battery igniters, which fire rocket engines in model rockets such as the Estes range. These circuits are electrical, only switches and contacts are involved. First the circuit for a single rocket:

Single model rocket launch circuit A point to note here is that this controller uses "C" cells, providing more current than "AA" batteries and that the push button switch has contacts rated 1 amp or higher. The wire to the igniter is isolated via a 3.5 inch jack plug and socket. Connect the igniter, then plug in to control box and then press button, making sure you are the recommended distance away. Below is an internal and external picture of my controller:-

Inside view control box external view control box

Multi Launch Controller Schematic
multiple  model rocket launch circuit Once again, nothing too complicated. The single pole rotary switch has contacts rated 1 amp so can easily handle the 400 mA of current that the igniter takes. Here three rockets can be launched by rotating the switch. The Green LED provides continuity between battery,igniter and wiring. This extinguishes as the launch switch is pressed. Once again, please observe all safety precautions when launching any model rockets.

My Rockets:
Estes rockets are still available, and its a good hobby. The rocket motors are chemical action and can only be used for one launch, the acceleration is literally quite frightening, some of the lighter models can do 0-300mph in a couple of seconds Estes model space shuttle Estes model AMRAAM rocket Links to Estes Rockets:
Estes Rocket Supplies

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